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Dr. Joel Sendroff DDS PC - Dentist

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5415 Connecticut Ave NW

Washington, DC 20015

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I have never been with a dentist as family- orientated as this practice. Absolutely everyone is genuinely friendly,and great at their job professionally. At present I work in the service industry, and while this review must sound like I have taken sips of the company water, it is level headed and genuine. I really cannot imagine going through the learning curve of another dentist. I would probably just use tooth picks and stop bothering if I had to find a new practice, the bar has simply been raised too high. My family and I have simply been spoiled too much. I should add that both my older kids cannot wait to the dentist. This is not a typical response to any dentist (no offense).

About Hygienist: Their hygienist/assistant is exceptional and has a reputation in our household. When I have not remembered to make my appointments, both my wife and son insist that I need to check in with Lori. I think that says it all, she's very competent and geniunely caring and friendly. Both my kids forgot I was there. It is worth mentioning that both of my kids are not the most trustful kids on the planet. It was my daughter's first visit the other day and she was won over in minutes--forgetting all about her poor old dad (me). I can't endorse her--and everyone in the practice, enough.

I know this doctor: 5 years

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