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Dr. Jeffrey Pomerantz DDS - Prosthodontist

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Rm 819 521 5th Ave

New York, NY 10175

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by W B 01/31/2012 After a general practice DDS mangled my bridgework, ruining several teeth in the process, I came to Dr. Pomerantz for help -- I needed it! He performed restoration procedures so expertly and was so knowledgable about the entire discipline of prosthodontics, I can't begin to say how grateful I am to him for giving me my smile back. His work is just impeccable/perfect in every respect, not to mention the end result - beautiful teeth! My advice to anyone who needs bridgework, crowns, implants, don't entrust your teeth to a general practitioner DDS, they have limited training in this discipline, consult with Dr. Pomerantz, who is an expert in prosthodontics. He has advanced training and degree, years of experience, and teaches prosthodontics at Columbia. And I can certainly attest to his work -- it is without equal! He also performs general dentistry as well. And, finally, he is also one of the nicest people I know and is extremely gentle. Didn't find his work costly at all. In fact, I paid far more at the dds who mangled my bridges and ruined several teeth! Wish I had gone to Dr. Pomerantz to begin with. Dr. Pomerantz receives my highest recommendation!!!

About Hygienist: Hygienist was gentle, thorough, pleasant and upbeat.

I know this doctor: 3 years

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