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Dr. Mark Stein DDS, MD - Oral Surgeon

89 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-888-4760 Call

"I was referred to Dr. Stein by my dentist for two wisdom teeth extractions. Dr. Stein’s office made sure to work with my insurance, preparing the quotes beforehand and always made sure I understood the coverage I would receive. They also worked with my schedule and were extremely flexible. Dr. Stein and his team were the best I’ve dealt with ..."

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Dr. Lloyd Klausner D.M.D. - Oral Surgeon

27 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-888-8889 Call

"Having recently turned 55, i decided it was time for some help. I understood from a friend Dr. Klausner was incredibly skilled at injectables, so I made an appointment. Prior to performing any work he patiently explained the different products and what i could expect. He also recommended a conservative approach which I really respect. Ultimately he enhanced my cheeks ..."

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Dr. Harrison Chen D.D.S. - Oral Surgeon

23 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-755-5570 Call

"A God send doc! i never had a toothache before and when it hit me i thought i was going to literally die. that Tuesday i saw my dentist. after taking painful x-ray she called Dr Chen and discuss my case. He asked to see me right away. with all the pain i was in i took the bus to ..."

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Dr. Stephen Klein DDS - Oral Surgeon

6 reviews Rating

New York, NY 212-986-8151 Call

"Dr. Klein is the most professional and competent oral surgeon in the business. I was so nervous because my dentist said that i needed an implant and i really didnt know what to expect. Dr. Klein was so patient and explained everything to me. His office is beautiful and his staff was very helpful and kind. He even worked with ..."

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Dr. Dennis Lee DDS - Oral Surgeon

21 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"I went to Dr. Lee for wisdom tooth extractions. Reception and staff were courteous and accommodating. Didn't have to wait long (about 5-10 minutes). Dr. Lee helped me relax by telling me what he is doing, interspersed with what to ..."

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Dr. Todd Berman DDS - Oral Surgeon

9 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"I'm so grateful that I have an oral surgeon I can trust absolutely. Dr Berman, over the course of about 15 years, has done several extractions and implants for me, including a tricky one for one of my top front ..."

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Dr. David Valauri DDS - Oral Surgeon

7 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"Everything was done quickly and efficiently. The doctor was on time for the appointment and he has a great sense of humor which made it fun to have an implant! Well, almost fun."

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Dr. Mordechai Hoschander DMD - Oral Surgeon

10 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"I was referred to Dr. Hoschander by my regular dentist, a very proficient and precise man. When it turned out I needed a complex dental implant, one that went beyond his comfort zone, my dentist said there is one person ..."

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Dr. Jonathan Perry DDS - Oral Surgeon

11 reviews Rating

New York, NY

"Dr Perry was an amazing surgeon for me, and I know I am not an easy patient. He was unfailingly a kind gentle, professional, who clearly knows everything about his field and made the experience so easy for me. I ..."

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